specialized in fullfilling the wish of the customer in getting a good tattoo inspired on the styles of the southern pacific and beyond


Florencio is at work every thursday and friday in the Seven Seas Tattoo studio.
Prices will only be discussed at the time when we call you to book in a tattoo appointment.


Hailing from Buenos Aires, Florencio's playtime was spent drawing rather than playing with toys. Upon discovering the world of tattooes in his early teens, he had found his medium of self expression, which unlike other art forms, is the very result of an exchange with another being, the tattooed. It is the trust and connection intrinsic to permanent ink in which he sought to explore his own art form. Over the past 10 years, he has traveled extensively throughout South America and Europe learning and shaping his skills and techniques and developing a style. He continues to draw and paint in his pastime and is currently based in the Netherlands.



Florencio is te benaderen in het Engels en in het Spaans

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