specialized in fullfilling the wish of the customer in getting a good tattoo inspired on the styles of the southern pacific and beyond


27 NOVEMBER 2018

The waiting list will be re-opened at the end of February 2019. Please do mind, the wait is rather long when you are on the waiting list. If you want to be on the waiting list you can write me an email at the end of February.

Since a couple of days we have a new studio website. www.sevenseasatelier.com and it works better on smartphones and tablets than the previous one.

At the moment we are having a little break with guest tattooers. As soon as new data for guest tattooers are known, they dates will be posted on our instragram account (sevenseas_tattoos) and on our new website (www.sevenseasatelier.com)

And last but not least, my third book in collaboration with Andre from Kintaro publishing has been released. Should you be interested in the book please go to www.kintaro-publishing.com. The foreword has been written by no other than Henk Schiffmacher, one of my biggest teachers.

6 JUNE 2017

Friday 28th i asked my girlfriend Kim-Anh to call an ambulance for me. With a heartbeat of 34, temperature of 34.4 degrees and a blood pressure of 196 over 135 i arrived at the hospital. My stomach was already empty but the vomitting endured from time to time, especially when they tried to put in a stomach probe through my nose.

It was one of many times that i didn’t feel right. This time however i really didn’t feel right. The several parties i had seen before to investigate the matter of my well being all concluded it was heartburn caused by acid reflux. The first time it happened was september last year just when the plane closed its doors and was ready to take off. Then last november i had a full week wherein i had to cancel everything as things didn’t feel dandy at all. A couple of months ago my physician finally let me go to the hospital for a gastroscopy. Everything looked good. The helicobactor pylori battery had already been ruled out before.

The second or third day in the hospital they decided to make an echo of my abdomen and found the culprit, gallstones. One gallstone was blocking a passage and this also caused me to have pancreatitis. Unfortunately due to this pancreatitis i have to wait now to be able to have the gallbladder removed.

Already home again after my week of hospital ‘holiday’ and things are getting better slowly. In hope of a speedy recovery of the pancreatitis so that the gall bladder can be removed rather sooner than later so that i do not have to fear another obstruction by a gallstone. Exact dates are unknown as yet. However, should you have a tattoo appointment with me which i have to cancel due to the above, we will contact you.

17 OCTOBER 2016

We have a new website! After the usual blood, sweat and tears we are proud to show you guys our new website. Big thanks to Kim-Anh for creating it! There is of course us on it, Kim-Anh, Florencio and me, Jeroen. But...Ade Itameda is on it too! Super happy that he will come strengthen our team starting february 2017. Next to us there is a blog where you can read and see what else is going on next to our tattoos. And we have created a shop section too. All together, its a fresh and early start to the coming new year and we are super excited! The new website has a new name! www.sevenseasatelier.com. However it is also linked through with the old name, www.sevenseastattoos.com. My old site is also still up in the air and will be adapted, www.jeroenfranken.nl

22 AUGUST 2016

Seven Seas Tattoos will be present at the Aachen convention, http://www.kaiserstadt-tattoo-expo-aachen.com . Kim-Anh and myself (Jeroen) will be at work the whole weekend. Kim-Anh will be doing walk ups only, that means that it will not be possible to prebook appointments. For myself i will do pre bookings, and have still 2 spots available, 12:30 on saturday the 17th and 12:30 on sunday the 18th of september. Should you want to make an appointment you can write me an email to sevenseastattoos@me.com. We will have new stickers, cards, books, sketchbooks and prints on the table.


After a long time having been calling customers myself to book in appointments, I am proud to introduce a new member to the seven seas tattoos team. His name is Hans and will be calling to book in appointments from now on for all ethnic tribal quest tattooers and myself.....................The last months were filled with quests from allover, Herb Auerbach, Croc Tatau, Marco Wallace, Omar Santos, Chris Higgins, Dmitri Babakhin and Kirk Jones. After summer some will be questing again at the studio.........................The regular tattooers are also still at the studio making great tattoos day in and day out, Kim-anh, Florencio and myself. Soon there will be some changes on the website as Kim-anh is not on there yet. We will also add a section where you can buy prints and books.....................You can also find us on instagram, @sevenseas_tattoos..........................For everyone that is on my waiting list, thanks you so much for your patience!! As soon as I have time for you we will contact you!


Times will be busy at the Seven Seas Tattoos studio for the coming months. Our first new quest, Dmitri Babakhin will be with us from march 31st till april 10th. From april 14th to the 18th Chris Higgins will be joining us again. The week after Omar Santos will be there. Marco Wallace is up for the week after, from may 5th till may 8th to pass the seat over back to Dmitri from may 12th till 20th. The first week of june Omar will be with us again from the 2nd till the 5th. And last but not least, Croc Tatau is here from june 9th till jnue 20th. As soon as I have time, I will be calling customers from the waiting lists from every quest tattooer to book in appointments.

Furhtermore Florencio will be back with us starting next week. After a three week holiday back home in Argentina, he is full of inspiration and for appointments you can write him an email at florencioarg@gmail.com. Kim-Anh will be working the Paris convention this weekend. She also has some very cool new prints and t-shirts that will be for sale there at her booth. The following week she will be questing at Florian in Paris to be back here the week after. For appointments with Kim-Anh you can send her an email to bleaknblue@gmail.com.


The new year is already in full swing, and it promises to be another great year! This year we welcome a new quest artist by the name of Dmitri Babakhin, specialized in polynesian and marquesan. In March he will join us for the first time. For the month of january we have Chris Higgins, Marco Wallace and Omar Santos as quests next to the trusted steady crew of Florencio Rojas en Kim-Anh Nguyen as well as myself. Freshly back from a world trip, I have learned a thing or two again, meeting old friends and teachers. So back in full swing full of inspiration and energy this year.


It has been a while since my last news. So here we go, time for another! This last september we had Mr. Croc at the studio for three weeks. Always good to hear the tapping sounds from his traditional tools! Fully booked for all three weeks we had a great time working side by side. 

At the start of october we welcomed Chris Higgins for his first time at the studio for a week. You can check his work on http://higginsandcotattoo.co.uk/v2/ . Chris is a super nice guy and it was an honour to have him at the studio, and ofcourse his tattoos are just great! Around march next year he will be questing at the studio for another week. So if you want an appointment write me an email and i will put you on his waiting list.

Omar was here last week and this week we have Marco for another week. New dates when they are here you can find on my website under their page.

The week after we will welcome Kim for the first time at Seven Seas Tattoos. She is a classy tattooer specializing in western traditional. Check her work on instagram, @kiman_h . For appointments you can email her in english at bleaknblue@gmail.com . For the first week she is allready fully booked, but will be back on the following dates, 4, 5, 20, 21, 25 and 26 november. Hurry if you want an appointment as she books out quick!

End of the year i will be travelling again after having been at home for too long. Time has come to see some friend/teachers, spend some time with and hopefully learn a thing or two again. Can't wait!


Soon we will have Chris Higgins as quest at Seven Seas Tattoos for a week. You can check his work on his website www.higginsandcotattoo.co.uk. For an appointment you can write me an email (Jeroen). Please note that there are only limited sessions available. As soon as we know the exact week, it will be posted here.


From today onwards, there will be new photoos posted on the website for the coming weeks. New tattoos in the pacific style are allready posted! February was a busy month at Seven Seas Tattoos. Not only did we have Omar, we also had Marco as quest at the studio. And ofcourse we have Florencio who is here everday! The wait has unfortunately not become any shorter fro my own work, it has rather extended. These dayd Florencio does colour in some of my work with black to try and head the waiting list. Ofcourse he also makes his own amazing tattoos.


!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!FROM DECEMBER 1st TILL JANUARY 31st, JEROEN'S WAITING LIST WILL BE CLOSED TO NEW CUSTOMERS!!!!!!!!!!!! (so there is no use filling out the form or sending him email with a request) THIS IS NOT FOR OLD CUSTOMERS!!!!!!!! WAITING LIST FOR QUEST TATTOOERS ARE OPEN AS USUAL!!!!!!!!!!!!


This morning I went to see Dr Vellema as a second opinion. Luckily I do not need an operation! For the customers on the waiting list this translates to a wait that does not extend by 4 weeks. I quess its a good thing as through the year it usually extends even though I am trying my best to keep things at bay. To everyone on the waiting list, thanks for your patience and trust!

Omar will be in the studio again coming december for one week. This young and talented Peruvian makes some of the best Polynesian tattoos in the style of Vatea and family. Towards the end of january we will welcome Marco Wallace for the first time at Seven Seas Tattoos!

For those that did not know yet, these days Peggy does most of my mail and all bookings for appointments. This gives me more time and peace for customers in my chair.


The newsletter is working! To subscribe fill in the form on the website under contact.


Due to a collarbone (AC) luxation tossy type III i am currently unable to do anything at all. Everything possible I will use to heal as quickly as possible. Unfortunately this means my waiting times are getting a bit longer. Next week its back to the hospital for a checkup and will know more.


The waiting list is opened again for new customers. Please also check my quest artists. If you want an appointment with one of them, please fill out the form on their page on this website. Omar Santos will be at Seven Seas Tattoos in december again after a succesfull first week and a half this month. Marco Wallace, Italy's best tribal tattooer, will be strenghtening the studio one week every month starting in 2014.

The news letter is still not working due to some technical problem. So subscribing to the news letter will only work when the news latter is working. Hopefully the news letter will work next week ; )


The website has been updated as you can see. There are several quest tattooers during the year which you can book through the form on the website. Unfortunately the newsletter does not work yet. Furthermore all email and booking appointments i have passed on to Peggy. She will take care of all from now on, freeing my time up for drawing and studying.

22 MAY


Seven Seas Tattoos is looking for a tattooer specialised in the polynesian styles, to work as a quest artist or preferrably as a permanent artist,,,, Seven Seas Tattoos is a private studio so the atmosphere is laid back to work and relaxed for the customers,,, If you are interested please send me an email at sevenseastattoos@me.com


19 MAY


For all the customers on the waiting list,,, Thanks so much for your patience! At the time i am running a bit behind on my waiting times,,, 




New photos!!! You can find them at PACIFIC, SAMOAN and MARQUESAN,,, enjoy!




The new year is in full swing again! I want to thank all my customers from last year for sitting in my chair, without you I could not have done it!


From today you can mail me again to be placed on the waiting list. This weekend i have also uploaded lots of new photos of my work on my site. Check it out!


The new website is online as we speak! By clicking on my logo you will always return into the photo section. My friend Wim and me have worked togehter for the last six weeks to give birth to this beautiful new flower. In the coming weeks you will find more and more photos to be uploaded onto the website.

The builder and co designer of the site is Wim Wiggers, owner of i-3 creations. 

First off only www.sevenseastattoos.nl will be linked to this site. Later this week www.sevenseastattoos.com andwww.jeroenfranken.nl will also be linked.

1 JULI 2012

These four coming weeks the new studio will be finished. The oak floor is allready inthere as well as the bamboo ceiling. Now all there is left is paint, paint and paint next to moving electricity and water hoses, building up the laundry room and the machine building room and loads of small things. Unfortunately i can not help customers in getting a new tattoo during these four weeks...

16 JUNE 2012
For the months of JULY, AUGUST and SEPTEMBER I will not be taking in new customers on my waiting list due to building up the new studio, from OCTOBER I will be taking in new customers for the waiting list, so please send me your mail and wishes at the start of OCTOBER

Coming september the SEVEN SEAS TATTOOS studio will open up on a brand new location in the city of Eindhoven, at the same time a new website will be launched for easier access on smartphones

2 MAY 2012
Croc Ta Tatau (check his facebook page) is coming to holland, interested in an appointment then please mail me (jeroen) at sevenseastattoos@me.com, then i will put you on a waiting list and give you a call as soon as croc has his dates together. croc only does handtapping in the traditional way of samoa, he does a multitude of styles from several pacific islands

18 NOVEMBER 2011
Now also on facebook, facebook.com/sevenseastattoos

3 OKTOBER 2011
The last year for the studio in Tilburg has started. So far it have been 4 incredible years, with a great colleaque in Darko, some fantastic quest artists and ofcourse some great clients all of whom I would also like to thank for thei patience. The year 2012 I shall start a studio in my hometown of Eindhoven, again it will be a closed studio (so on appointment basis only) or maybe I will open a half  open studio.

As from now I will be taking in new customers on the waiting list. Please be prepared for a long wait till any sort of appointment

During the night of 31 august, my ‘borneo’ father has passed away. Very happy Michel and me went to go see him just six weeks ago. Legan was a chief of chiefs and will now start his journey past the tumbling logs in the river onto the other side. May his tattoos, that until his death still captivated him greatly, shine his light on his way.

11 AUGUST 2011
Back again since a week or two. This time on the river I had the feeling it has really become my second home,it felt so comforting and relaxed. On the way back we even saw an alligator just two meters away from our prao. All in all it was very good to see everybody we know again in the longhouse, at times even with tears of happiness. Still love to communicate with hands and feet and ‘langkau’ which tasted like it never has before. So now back at work again with an easy going state of mind steadily working through my waiting list which keeps me busy and the customers that are on it waiting just a bit longer….

10 JULY 2011
TOGETHER WITH AN EX COLLEAGUE I SHALL BE TRAVELLING TO THE JUNGLES OF BORNEO ONCE AGAIN,,,THIS TIME WE ARE INVITED BY PENGHULU LEGAN,,,A CHIEF OF CHIEFS,,,so till july 26th i will be unable to answer any mails,,,also for everyone on my waitinglist this will mean a short increase in waiting time ,,,also due to the fact that i could only work half days during june,,,but a great thanks to everyone's patience!

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