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After the tattoo session has come to an end, I will wrap the tattoo in clear film. Leave this on till the next morning. Wash your new tattoo with your hand (always wash your hands first). You can do so in the shower using luke warm to hot water. Wash for a couple of minutes so that blood and vaseline has all been washed off. Pat it dry with a clean towel and apply a very thin layer of vaseline that I have given you to use.

The next morning just wash your fresh tattoo lightly and start using bepanthen, two times a day for the first week. So no more clear film should be used.

During the first seven days do not get your tattoo soaked for longer than 5 to 10 minutes. So no swimming (seawater is good after the fourth day), no baths, hot pools, etc. Taking a short shower poses no problem. Wear loose cotton clothing, meaning no wool or synthetics. Be careful playing sports! If something does not feel right for your tattoo, stop doing whatever it is. The sun will burn your new tattoo, so no sun for at least the first week. After the first week use a high factor sunblock. A fresh tattoo will burn very easily since the skin is new.

When your skin reacts to the ointment, wash the tattooed area and discontinue the use of the product you are using. Just leave dry untill the skin starts pealing. During the healing period, it is possible that some areas heal slower than others, especially areas that stretch. Please do not pick scabs or scratch! The scab will finally come off by itself. Please call your doctor in case of extreme redness, swelling, bleeding, puss or colour change.

The whole proces of healing will take around four weeks. After approximately four days your new tattoo will start peeling. Hereafter your skin will regenarate. This regeneration process will take around three weeks. As long as your tattoo looks shiny, it is not healed yet.

Should you have any questions please mail me.

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