specialized in fullfilling the wish of the customer in getting a good tattoo inspired on the styles of the southern pacific and beyond



Seven Seas Tattoos has reopened the tattoo studio on a new location. Since August 2017 you can find us at the Jo Goudkuillaan 2 in Eindhoven. This is an appointment studio only. That means that we only open the door for you if you have an appointment. It creates a relaxed working atmosphere and privacy for the customer. If want to make an appointment, please carefully read this site first.


Almost all tattoos that I make are freehand. This implies that the tattoo I design and make for you is a one off. Under ‘how I work’ on this website, you can see the progress of tattoos I make from drawing to end.


Before we have the appointment you could make a list with personal events that you would like to be translated into your tattoo if you think that’s important. These can range from personal events to family, kids, wisdom, transition, luck, happiness, loyalty, etc.

Personal events and life stories are best for translation into the tattoo.


During your appointment we discus whatever you have brought along. When you did not bring a thing, we make a plan at that time or you can leave it all up to me which always works out very well as well. After the plan I sketch the design onto your skin. After approval from you we proceed to start the actual tattooing.


For me it works best to directly draw onto your skin as this way makes sure the tattoo actually fits your anatomy in the best possible way.For the following bodyparts I will preferably need a drawing appointment before the tattooing appointment. This would be for the ribs, the chest and belly, and the back as well as for symmetrical tattoos. If you come from far, it is possible to do this in one day. If you are unsure about needing a drawing appointment, please let me know.

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